Never climb up a ladder to your high roof again!

The staple to any holiday light show, a clean roofline outline can be very beautiful. We utilize industrial C9 or LED large bulb lights to maximize the effect from far away. No roofline is too complicated or high as we have the availability to use a bucket truck or lift to reach complicated locations that a ladder cannot.


Tip Wrap - If you want to impress!
A tip wrap is completely wrapping a tree’s main trunk and all branches all the way to the tip. This is the look that is shown to the left and is by far the most impressive.
Trunk Wrap - Simple and Elegant
A trunk wrap covers the trunk and all of the main branches. It provides a beautiful view of your tree without requiring massive amounts of lights.
Loose Wrap - The affordable solution to adding lights to your trees
A loose wrap only uses a few strings of lights to give the overall shape of a tree.


Shrubbery is the perfect way to infuse some color into your light show.

Shrubbery can be list in a variety of different ways, from netting draped over the shrubs, to intricate wraps, adding lights to your shrubbery can really accentuate your light show. We like to recommend adding ranges of color with your shrubbery. Many people like to stick to all white lights as they are afraid that colored motifs will end up looking like a hodge podge, but we say, not if done correctly!