Towns & Communities

Attract tourists and decoration hunters to your town with a colorful display.

It is a well proven fact that towns and communities that put on a large scale light display at the holidays will have more of its towns people and tourists walking around, visiting local shops and businesses and will overall develop a positive opinion of the town that encourages repeat patronage and an influx of residents. The more people get into the holiday spirit, the more they shop and spend!

Hotels, Restaurants & Businesses

Looking to drive business during the holidays? An over the top display is what is in order.

When driving up the road at night and you spot an extremely lit up tree up ahead, your going to look to see what it is for. Oh look! Its a new restaurant! Holiday displays DRIVE customers to come in, it’s a fact. Especially if its something bright and over the top. You don’t even need to go crazy like the Griswolds and cover your store with lights,. A giant lit Santa, a large tree lit to the tips, or even a simple detail of the building will get passer by’s attention. And getting their attention is what, you the business owner, is always striving to do.

Strip Malls & Shopping Malls

Nothing encourages people to spend money like getting in the holiday spirit

These properties rely on holiday sales to make or break their year. Elegant holiday displays drives in shoppers and reinforces their need to start shopping. You can go simple with just adding a rooftop border and light some trees to providing a blowout experience with large list displays at the malls entrances, 50ft trees, and wreaths with garland accents. Believe it or not, shoppers form opinions about a location if they don’t decorate compared to their well lit competitors up the road.